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Computer Systems Custom and Manufactured

Technical Prowess Computer Consulting enjoy most of all building a custom computer system to meet and exceed your needs. However, we also know that not everyone wants to spend above $1,000.00, so we also have entry level computers as well. So, whether your looking for a computer to send emails, surf the Internet, or be a hard core gamer, we can meet your needs.

There are many things to consider when buying a computer, but the most important is knowing what you are getting for the money you are spending. Typically, if you are spending less than a thousand dollars for a computer, then there are most likely reasons why the computer is “cheaper” than the others. Not all computers are built the same.

When you purchase a new computer from TPCC here is what you get: *

*At this time TPCC only services the local area. We do not ship or deliver outside our locality.

• On-site delivery and setup.

• Free data transfer from old computer to new.

• Free setup of Online Data Backup (Subscription purchase required.)

• 1 Year Limited Warranty on Major Components (tower & monitor)

• Free E-mail Support, should you have questions about your new computer.

How many systems have been assembled?

We have since 2001, custom built many customized (Somewhere over 400 systems) computers in the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach areas. This does not include the systems that have been upgraded by us, or non-custom built computers installed at client locations.

Types of Computers Built:

Desktop systems is what we focus on, and Windows PC based. Our systems range from simple computers that are for web browsing, email, and simple applications to massively powerful gamming systems and graphic workstations.

Pricing and Cost:

Being that each individual’s needs are different, we are not able to post pricing on this page, because there would be no real set price for a computer unless it is as-built, like you would get at a local retail chain.

If you would like a quote, we would be delighted to talked to you to determine your needs and as always be considerate with your budget, not ours.

Please feel free to call us  .