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DVR049cdrw 4 Channel MPEG4 DVR


Horizontal Resolution 720 x 480 (NTSC) / 720 x 576 (PAL)
S/N Ratio More than 40dB
Split Screen 1,4, PIP, POP
Zoom Live & PB Available, 2 x 2 zoom
Screen Quality Full: 720(H)x 480(V) Active Pixels(NTSC); 720(H) x 576(V) Active Pixels (PAL) 1/4 Screen: 360(H) x 240(V) Active Pixels(NTSC); 360(H) x 288(V) Active Pixels(PAL)
Display Rate 120 frames per second (4x30)
Recording 120 fps
Record Quality Super, High, Fine, Normal, Low
Compressed Picture MPEG4
REC. Mode Normal, Schedule, Motion detect, Alarm
Playback Mode Date / Time search or event search
Operation Mode Triplex
Motion Detect Area division: 16 x12, ON/OFF sector selectable. Motion detect recording and relay on at the same time
Network Function Remote Viewer Driver
Alarm 4 Alarm Input / 1 relay Output
Storage Supports 2 Internal HDD (IDE)
Audio Input/Output RCA x 1 (output) / RCA x 4 (input)
IR Remote Controller Standard
Power Supply DC 12V / 5A-8.33A
Operating Temperature 41 deg. F ~104 deg. F (5 deg. C~+40 deg. C)